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Enchantment: Hestia

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Enchantment of the Hearth: Hestia
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Length of Novel:

65,550 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Greek, Goddess, Hestia, Ancient Greece, Athens, Archeology; will appeal to adults interested in science fiction, history, and adventure—also fills a unique niche for anyone interested in ancient Greek myth

Enchantment: Hestia is a novel that takes the opposite theme of travel by modern people into the past and myth; the idea is similar but with an opposite theme to The Incomplete Enchanter by L. Sprague deCamp and Fletcher Pratt.


Science Fiction/Historical Fiction


An accidental invocation changed the world for four archeologists:  Dr. Adams doesn’t believe in anything, Phillip Ryan does believe, Jack Agnos doesn’t know what he should believe, and Dr. Angela Matheson would like to know what to believe.  At their archeological site in Greece, Jack accidentally invokes Hestia, the goddess of the hearth.  Not a spirit or a ghost or a phantom, but the actual goddess Hestia all five feet one hundred pounds and completely miffed about not being invoked in two thousand years

Unfortunately, no one believes in Hestia anymore and her god-like powers are more subtle than thunderbolts, earthquakes, and superhuman strength.  But power she has and power that affects Phil, Jack, and Angela—Dr. Adams is too focused in his own unbelief. 

Events become unexpectedly difficult when Phil gives Hestia a Greek New Testament, and she wants to meet the one true God--not spiritually, but physically.  As a consequence Angela, Jack, and Phil accompany Hestia to Athens only to discover the Orthodox Church has known about and worked with displaced gods, goddesses, and demigods since its beginning.

In Athens, they chance upon the satyr Nomius who is trying to revive the worship of the ancient gods.  When Hestia intervenes, Angela is cursed with a set of three ancient keys (iron, bronze, and copper) on a ring that cannot be removed from her wrist.  Father Dioletis head of the church’s ancient being office gives them help, and through his efforts, they receive decisive direction.  Now, they must solve the problem of Nomius, the mystery of the keys, and get back to the dig before Dr. Adams fires them all. 

Author's reviewer’s quotes:

“Wow, Greek gods, demigods, and mythic creature roaming the world and looking for the meaning of life—puts a whole different view on everything.”

“Real characters in a real background with incredible events exploding all around them; I can’t imagine a more believable concept of Greek myths in the modern world.  ”

“Takes a conundrum: why did people believe in gods and goddesses, and turns it onto a novel of legendary proportions.”

Short descriptive teasers:

Jack Agnos invokes Hestia, goddess of the hearth into the modern world, and is she miffed; now he must placate a goddess and his own unbelief, while the world of Greek myth is revealed all around him.

Enchantment: Hestia tells the story of four archeologists faced with the real goddess, Hestia and her search for purpose in the modern world.  

In the modern world, myths come alive when an archeologist accidentally invokes Hestia, the goddess of the hearth.        




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